Thurne Windpump at Sunrise

The Broads

I am very fortunate to have the Broads National Park on my doorstep where I often enjoy an evening stroll and get out on the boat to explore the waterways. This gallery features photography of both the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads and includes photography of various subjects which include sailing and power boats, local wildlife, various waterways, windmills, and wind pumps and more. Personally, one of my favourite subjects to photograph on the broads has to be the iconic windmills and wind pumps. Each are unique in appearance and design and standout in the flatness of the landscape. Thankfully there are many which have been preserved and restored but there are others which have seen better days. Back in their prime many of them were used to maintain the water levels but since have been decommissioned and replaced with newer more modern pump stations. The broads are one of my favourite places to photograph as there is always something to capture. - Click on the images below to enlarge.